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About Us

About Us

The  Faculty  of  Economics  and  Business, Universitas Padjadjaran (FEB Unpad) is  running  toward internationalization as our vision to be a world class faculty in 2020.  It  aims  to  conduct  research  and  education  that  is appropriate  for  the  changing  generation  and will  support  the development  of  not  only  Indonesian’s  economy  but  also  the international economy through the offering of new concepts of management and the nurturing of talented professional that can courageously identify and fulfill responsibilities toward.

International Undergraduate Program  (IUP) of FEB Unpad initiated  in  the  2008 academic year, a new program taught entirely in English, is one of instruments for our faculty to produce more students that are capable  to  compete  globally.  In  addition,  IUP  FEB Unpad give  more opportunities for students to take Double Degree and/or Student Exchange Program at our partner universities abroad. Through overseas  study,  students  will  automatically  increase self-reliance, cultural awareness, learning in a new way, and get a more well-rounded education that better prepares them for this increasingly global world.

We believe that you will become excellent students and you will contribute  well  to  the  continuous  success  of  the  Faculty  of Economics and Business.

Yudi Azis, S.Si., SE., S.Sos., MT.,  Ph.D