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The Faculty of Economic was founded by the Decree of the Government No: 37, September 18th, 1957. The Decree started effectively on September 11th,1957. The Faculty of Economics Universitas Padjadjaran was descended from Merdeka University under the authority of Merdeka University founded in 1952, later changed its name to be Universitas Padjadjaran in 1957. Prof. Mr. R. Iwa Kusumasumantri operated the university as Chairman and Mr. Achmad Sanusi as Secretary. Faculty of Economics had two programs, General Economics and Business Economics with total number of 486 students consisted of 400 freshmen and 86 students from Merdeka University. The teaching staff numbered 40 people which were the outstanding staff, because in the early years, Universitas Padjadjaran lecturer had no permanent staff.

At the beginning Faculty of Economics had two programs namely General Economic and Business Economics. With the implementation of the conference between the State University in Bandung on 6 – January 10, 1958 had a direct impact on the FE, Universitas Padjadjaran by specifying the period of study to complete this doctoral examinations for five years. With this research, the education system at the Faculty of Economics, Universitas Padjadjaran was divided into five levels, respectively – were taken in one year, five levels are:
• Preparation Level
• Baccalaureate Degree I (Candidate I)
• Baccalaureate Degree II (Candidate II)
• Baccalaureate Degree (Doctoral I)
• Bachelor Degree (Doctoral II)

Under the Senate Decree No.3/Kep/Universitas Padjadjaran/68, dated January 18, 1968, Faculty of Economic received a transfer from Business Administration Program and Accounting Program of Social and Faculty of Political Sciences, and since the academic year 1968 until 1979 Faculty of Economic had three programs, namely General Economics, Business Economics and Accounting. Eliminating the matriculation class system began in 1975, since 1976 Faculty of Economics’ semester system has been implemented at all levels, up to Bachelors level II. Starting the second semester of 1979, has started running a parallel class.

In order to assist The Government to produce high class skilled worker Faculty of Economic created Diploma 3 program. It is one of the work units within Faculty of Economic of Universitas Padjadjaran whose task was to produce high skilled human resources to apply practical science and technology, founded in 1975 and confirmed by Decree of the Minister of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia Number 042/U/1975 dated March 18, 1975.

In an effort to put the Faculty of Economics, Padjadjaran University as an institution in the field of management science and business at national and international level that are relevant to the efforts of the University of Padjadjaran in towards World Class University, then on August 26, 2011 by the Decree of the Rector of the University of Padjadjaran No. 4196 / UN6.RKT / HK / 2011 has been assigned a name change became the Faculty of Economics, Padjadjaran University Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Padjadjaran.