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Invitation to participate in ENZ Marketing Plan Competition

For undergraduate students pursuing studies in business, marketing and/or related disciplines will be invited to submit a marketing strategy designed to promote New Zealand as an international education destination and to drive tertiary-level student recruitment from Indonesia to New Zealand. All entrants are encouraged to demonstrate new thinking and fresh ideas, in line with Education New Zealand’s ‘Think New’ brand values, when developing the marketing strategy.

The winning entry, selected by a panel consisting of staff from Education New Zealand and New Zealand education institutions, will win a four-week internship to New Zealand with all expenses paid. The second and third placed entries will receive an iPad and iPhone, respectively.

If you are interested in this program please send an e-mail to international@fe.unpad.ac.id


Mentorship Indonesia Mengglobal 2015

Setelah sukses dengan program mentorship tahun lalu, Indonesia Mengglobal kembali menghadirkan Program Mentorship di tahun 2015 ini. Dalam program gratis ini kami memasangkan 30 orang calon mahasiswa (mentee) dengan mahasiswa atau alumni (mentor) dengan latar belakang yang sesuai, yang telah berkomitmen memberikan masukan dan saran yang spesifik sesuai dengan latar belakang dan tujuan masing-masing mentee. Dalam waktu beberapa bulan ke depan, para mentee akan mengerjakan tugas secara online serta mendapatkan bimbingan dari para mentor untuk membantu dalam persiapan melamar ke universitas impian mereka.

Indonesia Mengglobal berharap dapat mengatasi hambatan terbesar yang dihadapi calon mahasiswa Indonesia dalam melamar ke universitas di luar negeri, yaitu kurangnya informasi dan inspirasi. Saat diharuskan mengambil tes-tes seperti TOEFL, GMAT, atau GRE, menulis esai, atau menyertakan surat rekomendasi, banyak yang masih bertanya-tanya dan memerlukan bimbingan dari orang Indonesia lain yang telah berhasil melalui proses aplikasi tersebut dengan sukses. Sistem pendidikan formal di Indonesia memang tidak diarahkan untuk mempersiapkan lulusannya berkuliah ke luar negeri. Ada banyak institusi lain yang bisa memberikan bimbingan tapi dengan mengenakan biaya yang tidak sedikit, sampai ribuan dolar.

Tahun ini Program Mentorship Indonesia Mengglobal juga memberikan beasiswa untuk 30 mentee yang terpilih. Indonesia Mengglobal mendapatkan bantuan dana dari EducationUSA di bawah Kedutaan besar Amerika Serikat yang akan menyediakan beasiswa kepada para mentee yang ingin mendaftar ke perguruan tinggi AS. Oleh karena itu, 20 dari 30 mentee yang diseleksi tahun ini akan dialokasikan untuk mahasiswa yang akan mendaftar ke Amerika. Dengan bantuan EducationUSA, mentee ini akan mendapatkan beasiswa sebesar $200 dan juga pengembalian biaya aplikasi visa Amerika (US student visa application fee reimbursement) senilai $200. Tentunya, dalam saat yang sama mentee ini juga bisa mendaftar ke perguruan tinggi di negara lain. 10 mentee yang tidak mendaftar ke Amerika akan mendapatkan beasiswa $100 melalui penggalangan dana crowdfunding kami sendiri. Dana ini dapat digunakan untuk membayar biaya aplikasi sekolah dan biaya-biaya tes seperti TOEFL, SAT, atau GRE. Beasiswa ini diharapkan dapat meringankan beban calon mahasiswa, sehingga mereka dapat fokus untuk mendaftar ke universitas yang terbaik bagi mereka.

Indonesia Mengglobal juga ingin menyampaikan terima kasih yang mendalam bagi semua donor yang akan menyumbang untuk program ini. Anda semua telah memberikan kontribusi nyata bagi kemajuan pendidikan anak bangsa Indonesia. Anda merupakan wujud nyata dari pernyataan “Pendidikan berkualitas adalah tanggung jawab kita semua.”

Indonesia Mengglobal sangat bangga dengan kesuksesan para mentee tahun lalu yang telah berhasil diterima di berbagai universitas terkemuka dunia, dan kami yakin bahwa para mentee tahun ini akan mencapai kesuksesan serupa.

Untuk dapat mendaftar dan mengetahui lebih lanjut mengenai program ini, Anda dapat melihat di : LINK

Sumber: http://indonesiamengglobal.com/2015/05/program-mentorship-indonesia-mengglobal-2015-ayo-daftar/


Summer program 2015 – University of Almeria (Spain)

The STUDY ABROAD summer courses of the University of Almería, UAL (Spain) are intensive academic courses taught by Doctors and Full Professors of proven expertise and experience in the most leading-edge areas of knowledge of our University (Science and Engineering, Business and Social Sciences, Computing, Health Sciences, Education, Modern Languages and Tourism).

The courses take place during the month of JULY each year.

The summer course packages include accommodation and meals, local transport voucher, medical insurance, cultural tours and trips, among other services. The workload of the courses is 80 hours (4 weeks) and they can be recognized by up to 10 ECTS credits at the home university. Please notice that our summer courses are addressed both to Undergraduate and Postgraduate students.

We encourage students from all over the world to participate and enjoy what will definitely be a wonderful academic experience by the Mediterranean Sea.

Course development From 1st to 26th July
Early bird (5% discount) Until 30th March 2015
Installment payment 1st payment Until 30th March 2015 :: 2nd payment Until 30th May 2015
Full-standard payment Until 30th May 2015

For more information, please visit THIS link or contact me at sabroad@ual.es Phone +34 950 01 5816.


Green Talents Competition 2015

This year, the Green Talents programme particularly welcome applications from talented young candidates who research in and around the topic. “City of the Future”.

Please find the brochure of the program HERE.

Please Submit Your Online Application Before 02 JUNE 2015, 12 PM CET.



The 2nd International Week FEB UGM

It is within our pleasure to inform you that the Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM) in supported by the ASEAN University Network for Business Economics (AUN-BE) is organising a short academic program, the 2nd International Week 2015. The program will be held from 10th to 15th August 2015 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, inviting lecturers, undergraduate and graduate students from all around the globe. As in 2014, we expect to host no less than 70 students and 6 lecturers worldwide.

International Week is an event that combines a series of lectures, CEO talks, company visits, case studies discussions as well as social and cultural events. Bringing out the topic of ASEAN Business Environment, this program offered a 3-credit worth of course from FEB UGM to its student participants.

Detailed information and official invitation from our dean in regard to the program is provided together as attachments to this email. For further inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact OIA FEB UGM or visit our website http://feb.ugm.ac.id/iweek/.

The video profile for participants is available https://youtu.be/PcLmllA87AY


New Zealand ASEAN Scholarship 2016

We are pleased to inform you that once again the New Zealand Government is offering up to 50 New Zealand ASEAN Scholarship (NZAS) for Indonesians to undertake postgraduate study in New Zealand in 2016.

Am I eligible for New Zealand Scholarship?
Applicants must meet the following conditions to be eligible for a New Zealand Scholarship:
– Be a minimum of 18 years of age at the time of commencing your scholarship.
– Be a citizen of the country from which you are applying for a scholarship.
– Not have citizenship or permanent residence status of New Zealand, Australia, USA, Canada, European Union countries, United Kingdom, Japan, Israel, South Korea, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia. IMPORTANT NOTE: this condition does not apply to applicants from the Cook Islands, Tokelau or Niue, or applicants from Samoa with dual Samoa-NZ citizenship.
– Have resided in your home country for at least two years immediately prior to commencing your scholarship. IMPORTANT NOTE: this condition does not apply to applicants who are members of the diplomatic corps or their dependants, and may not apply to applicants for Short Term Scholarships.
– Have at least 2 years of work experience (part time or fulltime, paid or voluntary). IMPORTANT NOTE: this condition does not apply to applicants from the Pacific who are applying for a pre-service scholarship (i.e. school leavers)
– Not be serving military personnel.
– Be able to satisfy Immigration requirements for international student entry to New Zealand or the country in which you will undertake your scholarship (i.e. medical checks, police clearances/character checks, etc.)
– Be academically and linguistically able to obtain an Offer of Place for the proposed programme of study from the tertiary institute where you will undertake your scholarship.
– Not have been previously terminated from a New Zealand Government Scholarship
– Seek a qualification that will contribute to the sustainable development of your home country
– Commit to return to your country for a minimum of 2 years at the end of your scholarship.

Applications are due to by 30 April 2015 and should be submitted to PT Austraining Nusantara (PTAN), NZAS Managing Service Contractor.

For more information please visit www.aid.govt.nz/schols


Inha University Summer School 2015

We would like to share with you that applications are open to the 2015 INHA SUMMER SCHOOL (27th July – 14th August).

The program details can be found in 2015_Inha_Summer School.

Please note that the early bird registration is currently opened and students can apply online at the webpage: http://summer.inha.ac.kr.

What will Inha summer school offer for you:
1. Wonderful academic program upgraded from previous year based on the student feedback
2. Fabulous Korean Culture Classes (including K-pop dance, Movie day, Cooking Class, Traditional Costume Class) where students can build International Network
3. Credits Acquisition through the issuance of transcripts
4. Reliable support of the experienced staffs and selected student volunteers

All of this will be for a low cost of just USD 1100 when registration and payment are completed by 22nd of April.

Students can also email to inhasummer@inha.ac.kr for inquires.


Workshop on Fostering Entrepreneurship in Higher Education – Universiti Brunei Darussalam

Yth. Pimpinan Perguruan Tinggi

Bidang Kemahsiswaaan

di seluruh Indonesia

Berdasarkan surat dari Direktur Jenderal Amerika Eropa, Kementerian Luar Negeri Nomor 022790/BK/02/2015/40, dengan hormat kami informasikan bahwa Pemerintah Brunei Darussalam melalui ASEM contact points akan menyelenggarakan Workshop on Fostering Entreprenuership in Higher Education di Universiti Brunei Darussalam pada 18 s.d. 26 Mei 2015.

Workshop ini bertujuan untuk membekali mahasiswa agar dapat mengembangkan semangat kewirausahaan sebagai kunci penting pengembangan diri. Selain itu, mahasiswa juga akan memperoleh informasi dan best practices mengenai praktek-praktek dan kebijakan perguruan tinggi yang kondusif bagi pengembangan pengetahuan dan informasi kewirausahaan di kawasan Asia dan Eropa.

Sehubungan dengan hal tersebut, kami menawarkan mahasiswa di perguruan tinggi Saudara yang berminat untuk mengikuti kegiatan ini. Nominasi calon peserta dapat dikirim malalui surel asem.brunei@mfa.gov.bn dan faksimil +673-2383227 paling lambat 31 Maret 2015. Bagi mahasiswa yang terpilih, Brunei Darussalam akan menanggung tiket perjalanan, akomodasi dan konsumsi selama Workshop berlangsung.

Atas perhatian dan kerja sama Saudara, kami mengucapkan terima kasih.

Direktur Pembelajaran dan Kemahasiswaan,


Illah Sailah
NIP. 195805211982112001

Sumber: http://dikti.go.id/blog/2015/03/19/tawaran-workshop-on-fostering-entreprenuership-in-higher-education-di-universiti-brunei-darussalam/


Open Application YLI National Wave 7

Dear Student Leaders,

We invite you to join Young Leaders for Indonesia (YLI) National 2015 Program. YLI is an initiative launched in 2008 by McKinsey & Company for the high performing Indonesian students across leading universities in Indonesia and overseas. With the objectives to develop students’ potentials by introducing leadership and proactive problem solving skills through a fieldwork and forum approach; YLI also aims to help the final year university students to develop their vision on how they can support Indonesia’s development and also to help them in transitioning to their first career post-graduation. YLI also provides a platform for the participants to be able to network with their peers and distinguished guest speakers.

YLI 2014 speakers line-up include:
• Ignasius Jonan (CEO of PT. KAI)
• Handry Satriago (CEO of GE Indonesia)
• Kuntoro Mangkusubroto (Head of President’s Delivery Unit for Development Monitoring and Oversight/UKP4)
• Agus Martowardojo (Governor of Bank Indonesia)
• Dharmawan Samsu (Head of Country – BP Indonesia)
• Bambang Susantono (Deputy Minister of Transportation)
• Ari Soemarno, (Former CEO of Pertamina)
• Erry Riyana Hardjapamekas, (Chairman of MRT Jakarta)
• Richard J. Lino, (CEO of Pelindo II)
• Haryanto Budiman, (Managing Director and Senior Country Officer of J.P. Morgan Indonesia)
• Veronica Colondam, (Founder and CEO of YCAB Foundation)
• Shinta Widjaja Kamdani, (Managing Director of Sintesa Group)
• Hemant Bhatt, (CEO of Downstream & Commercial at Golden Agri-Resources Ltd)
• Jason Lamuda, (CEO of Berrybenka)
• Iim Fahima, (CEO of Virtual Consulting)

A testimony from YLI alumni:
“YLI for me was truly an extraordinary leadership training program where the brightest minds were gathered from all over Indonesia’s archipelago. YLI has a well-developed curriculum that gave me useful practical knowledge and support so I can have a taste on running my own individual project better, and also working in a team in order to solve real world challenges. Moreover, YLI gave me the chance to meet a lot of highly accomplished and inspiring people; from government officials to CEOs of private companies. It was really an eye-opening experience to have.” – Raditya Yudha Prawira (Nanyang Technological University) , YLI National Wave 5

Those who pass our selection, will be granted with scholarship to attend YLI Program. Targeting final year university students, the program will be held in 3 Forums where in each forum you will meet inspiring leaders to learn about how to lead self, lead team and lead change in Indonesia. Besides, you will be given the chance to network with companies as we provide internship opportunities too. In the past, YLI participants had had internships at Standard Chartered Bank, Sinar Mas, Indonesia Mengajar, Traveloka, United Tractors, Holcim, PT MRT Jakarta and many more.

This year, we are open for application from March 9 – March 31, 2015. Please register yourself via our website www.yli.or.id

For more information about YLI, please visit our website: www.yli.or.id or our Facebook Page www.facebook.com/YoungLeadersINA and follow our twitter @YLI_AC.

Thank you and we look forward to receiving your application!

(Feel free to distribute this email/information to your trusted networks)

YLI Team


Ph.D. Proposal: Building and Assessing Environmental-Economic Accounts for Indonesia

The Institute of Environmental Sciences (CML) at Leiden university plays a globally leading role in various major EU funded projects in the field of environmental and economics accounts. It concerns project such as CREEA (www.creea.eu) and DESIRE (www.fp7desire.eu), which contribute directly to e.g. the version of the UN System of Environmental and Economic Accounts. Such accounting system can give very good insight in how, via trade, countries may displace environmental impacts to other countries. Recently, during a major conference in Beijing in September 2013 in which UNEP and most Asian-Pasific countries participated, such an accounting system was suggested as an important tool to monitor progress to a green, resource-efficient, and prosperous in Asia.

CML and partners have developed a lot of tools that can help countries to enrich regular economic statistics with environmental accounts, using readily available data from global databases such as the IEA energy database or FAOSTAT. We currently produce such country tables ourselves, but it would be ideal if for number of major Asian countries PhD students would be involved, that in collaboration with institutions in the country (e.g. statistical offices) would then build environmental-economic accounts for that country. This specific dataset then can be combined with the global dataset from CML and partners, allowing for all kinds of interesting case studies and scientific publications, and ultimately a PhD thesis. It is obvious that it would be very interesting to do such a project for Indonesia, one of the major countries in Asia.

The PhD trajectory can be organized via a ‘sandwich’ construction where the candidate spends both time in the Netherlands and Indonesia. CML can support networking with the international statistical community (UNCEEA) and organization like UNEP. It would be ideal if the candidate has already some level of support from or connections to Indonesian statistical institutions. The successful candidate should be interested in environmental and economic accounting, have a strong background in mathematics and data optimization/reconciliation, and be proficient in programming languages such as Matlab and management of major databases.

For more information: Prof. Dr. Arnold Tukker, tukker@cml.leidenuniv.nl