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Technologico de Monterrey

Technologico de Monterrey


1. GPA 3.25;
2. TOEFL min. 525 or IELTS min. 5;
3. Finished the second year on FEB UNPAD;
4. Application letter (max. 1 page, Times New Roman, 12)
5. Curriculum Vitae;

ITESM will cover the monthly rent payment on a house assigned by the International Affairs Office.
· The student will share the house with 2 other international students (could be male or female roommates).
· The student will have their own room and shared bathroom.
. Service costs as water, electricity, internet, transportation and phone are not included in the rent.
· The International Affairs Office will cover the cost of breakfast and lunch (meal plan) of students. The meal plan only applies on Monday to Friday.

The requirements to participate in this scholarship are:
• One page motivational letter explaining “why would you like to study in Mexico and the Technologico de Monterrey Campus Chihuahua”.
• Student Curriculum.
• Transcript
• Application Form*

Application Deadline: 15 November 2014

For more information about this university, please visit THIS LINK.