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Buddy Program

Buddy Program

Buddy program is an arrangement in which persons are paired, as for mutual safety or assistance. The Buddy System is a project built in the Faculty of Economics and Business Unpad, especially for our international students.

The buddy can make the new students feel welcome, answer questions and help the new student navigate through the organization and culture. This leads the new student to feel comfortable sooner and to achieve a sense of acceptance and belonging. For example, new students may be uncomfortable asking questions for fear of appearing incompetent. Buddies can fill in the gap by making themselves available for questions that new students might not want to discuss with their lecturers.
Buddies also can show the new students around, introduce them to others, go to lunch with them the first few days, keep lines of communication open while respecting confidentiality and offer encouragement.

The program brings the faculty’s international students and enhances their connection to the city, country and community by connecting them with Indonesian students. The buddy system will give you the opportunity to meet and build real friendship with Indonesian students.

    Are you interested to be one of the international students’ buddy? Check THIS link!