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Testimonials of Outgoing Students

Testimonials of Outgoing Students

Muhammad Erfan Supradhono
Double Degree Program – University of Canterbury – New Zealand

Participating in Double Degree Program with University of Canterbury in New Zealand allows me to reap a heap of benefit. First, I gain an access to world class education and degree at a fraction of a cost. Second, it gives me an exposure to academic life abroad in which I learnt to think critically and to speak what comes up in my mind. Last but not least, Double Degree Program gives me numerous and diverse amount of international friends, experiences and networks which will be very beneficial for me, especially during the globalization era like this. All in all, Double Degree Program will broaden your mind and perspectives, giving you international exposure, friends and networks and this program will be very beneficial for 21st-century students to compete in globalization era.

Rahma Dwigunawati
Double Degree Program – Groupe ESC Troyes – Perancis

I spent a year starting from February 2012 – January 2012 in France at ESC Troyes for doing a double degree program and I find it was quite challenging and unforgettable. What I like the most was I could learned a lot of new things and more or less it has changed me to be more independent. I got my mind opened to a lot of new ideas and knowledge that I probably would not gain if I did not decided to go. I also met a lot of new friends and still keep in touch with them even after I came back to Indonesia. If I may add something, it was fun as well to be there where I did not speak the language but at the same time it encouraged me to learn and speak French which I think it is quite beneficial for me. I just believe that if we really want to be more, we have to do more and if we want something we shall go after it. I am glad that I made it

Shendy Regar
Summer Program, Ajou University 2011
Student Exchange Program, Youngsan University 2012

South Korea was amazing! I had a fantastic time studying there, I met loads of amazing people from different country (not Korean only) and done things I never would have anticipated doing in Indonesia. I met a lot of professional professor, trying a new way of learning, socializing with friends in different culture background, and other things that I couldn’t mention it in short. And I think this is a big plus when you apply for a job. Studying abroad makes you more flexible and open-minded to new things. And this experience has also taught me to be more grateful, independent, and my Korean language has improved than what I had expected. These are definitely will help you in your future.