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Testimonials of Incoming Students

Testimonials of Incoming Students

My Name is Nisanth Thangarajah, I am from the Hochschule Bremen, University of Applied Sciences, Germany.
I had the choice between the Univerity in Bandung, Yogyakarta, Bali and Kuala Lumpur-Malaysia.
The Reason for choosing UNPAD is because it’s one of the leading University and has much vision to be the best for academic activities including teaching and learning.
Also other Students from our University in Germany have been here and told us lot of Arguments for UNPAD.
Above all, Bandung is a nice city and has got an pleasant climate compared to the other cities in Indonesia.

Lorenz Huetter
Hochschule Bremen University of Applied Sciences, Germany.

Studying in Bandung is definitely an exciting experience with a lot of new impressions.

When arriving in Bandung the chaos and heat of an Asian city with a population of more than two million people can be quite exhausting. That is why I really appreciated the help of the UNPAD staff to get a good start in Bandung, feel welcomed and get used to the Indonesian lifestyle. (Read more)