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UBC Vancouver Summer Program

UBC Vancouver Summer Program

UBC Clocktower July

We would like to inform you about UBC’s Vancouver Summer Programs, which has expanded significantly in recent years and now encompasses most major disciplines. This is an opportunity for you to enhance your learning experiences with an international study abroad experience at a world-renowned institution, consistently ranked among the top 40 research universities in the world.

The Vancouver Summer Program (VSP) is a four-week academic program offered at the University of British Columbia for cohorts of students from cooperating universities to study at our Vancouver campus. This program provides you the opportunity to take two academic courses in various UBC faculties, while enjoying first-hand experiences in Canadian practices and culture, as well as meeting other international students from around the globe. The 2015 UBC Vancouver Summer Program was well received by 1200 students from over 90 different universities with very good feedbacks.

We are very pleased to invite you to participate in the 2016 Vancouver Summer Program, which runs from June 4 – July 5 2016, and July 16 – August 16 2016.

Currently, the June program offers packages (there are 2 courses per package) in the areas of Applied Science, Architecture, Arts, Business, Education, Forestry, Kinesiology, Medicine, and Science. Our July program has extended packages in Dentistry, Land & Food Systems, Law, and Pharmaceutical Sciences. Each course consists of 39 hours of instruction which is equivalent to 3 credits at UBC. Academic credits may be granted by the students’ home university at its discretion.

June-July Program
– June VSP Presentation Slides
– June VSP Course Package Descriptions
– June VSP Poster
– June Next Steps Guide
– June Registration Form

July-August Program
– July VSP Presentation Slides
– July VSP Course Package Descriptions
– July VSP Poster
– July Next Steps Guide
– July Registration Form

Registrations for the June-July program are due on Monday, February 29, 2016 and the July-August program are due Thursday, March 31, 2016. Participants in the Vancouver Summer Program are typically students who have completed at least one year of university prior to joining the program. As the program will be taught in English, participants should be at an appropriate English language level to ensure success.

For more information about July 16 – August 16, 2016 VSP, please visit: http://vancouversummerprogram.ubc.ca/july/program-details
For information about June 4 – July 5, 2016 VSP, please visit: http://vancouversummerprogram.ubc.ca/june/program-details

Thank you very much for your kind assistance.