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University of Barcelona

University of Barcelona

  • Student Exchange Program

If the certificate is not provided with the other application documents the application will be rejected.

For students applying under the framework of an exchange programme, the level requested is:
– B2 in English and/or B1 in Spanish or Catalan.

For students applying as individual applicants, the level requested is:
– B2 in English and B1 in Spanish or Catalan.

Students should submit one of the following as proof of English proficiency:
– IELTS score of at least 5.5 on average.
– TOEFL scores of at least 80 (Internet-based).
– University of Cambridge Certificates (FCE, CAE or CPE).

Other Requirements:
– GPA 3.25;
– Finished the second year on FEB UNPAD;
– Application letter (max. 1 page, Times New Roman, 12);
– Curriculum Vitae;
– Application Deadline to OIA: Deadlines: 15th of May – Full year students and first term students
Deadlines: 15th of October- second term students

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